Health is wealth

Daily focus on your
food, sleep, exercise and about mental satisfaction.

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Attention your this health zones criteria 👇

Get the good food

Always control your diet and choose only the foods what you want to live a healthy life. Food choices should be made with the brain, not the heart.

Long deep night's sleep

Sleep is a very important part of a healthy life. During deep sleep at night, removes toxins by the liver. This has been scientifically confirmed.

Adequate daily exercise

Getting enough exercise daily can help prevent excess body fat and protect you from many non Infectious diseases.

Mental satisfaction

Staying healthy is not only physical health. We should also be very concerned about mentally health. Being happy often helps a lot for this.

Frequently asked questions

Actually yes. Tap water comes from municipal treatment plants that are carefully monitored and better regulated like bottled water. (Some popular water bottle brands also filling from tap water.)
Very strict federal rules now require extensive filtering of the water supply, But a minuscule amounts of chemicals like Chlorine may still turn up.
If you want to drinking the most purest water, consider adding a filter to your tap.
Sorry. there isn’t one.
Researchers often get their amazing results by isolating a substance in the food and then injecting it into cells in a petri dish or administering amounts to rats that far exceed what you could realistically get in your diet.
Yes, these foods are healthy but only as part of an overall sound diet. Don’t let that news dismay you; it should be freeing.
You don’t have to track the latest food crazejust eat right and in sensible portions.
There isn’t one.
The Sad truth is, some people who do everything right get cancer anyway. Still, bad habits worsen your odds.
Tobacco use causes about one in three cancers overall, and diet, inactivity, and obesity contribute to another third of cases, says Peter Greenwald director of the division of cancer prevention at the National Cancer Institute.
All a microwave does is spur the water molecules in your meal to move, and the friction of those molecules heats up your food.
Microwaving doesn’t alter meal in any way that could make you sick.
The ovens do generate a tiny magnetic field, but there’s very little evidence that such a field poses a problem for humans.
In short’ no.
“If you walk long enough, your legs will be tired, but that doesn’t mean you’ve permanently damaged them,” says ophthalmologist John C. Hagan a spokesperson for the American Academy of Ophthalmology.
The antidote:
  • Focusing on your computer screen from the Right distance.
  • Look up from the computer screen every 30 minutes so often and focus on something 25 or more feet away.